We present you the 10 most important world records in the history of soccer that could be broken this year.

1. Russia 2018 could be the World Cup with the Most Goals in the history of FIFA


Brazil 2014 and France 1998 are currently the two World Cups that have the biggest quantity of achieved goals, both having a score of 171. Russia 2018 could surpass that record thanks to players like Messi, Ronaldo, Falcao, Cavani, Suarez, Müller, Lewandowski, Griezmann, Salah, Harry Kane, Morata, Gabriel Jesus, and Lukaku. In addition to the great contribution that players like James, Neymar, and Mbappé could bring to the game.


2. Germany could equal Brazil in titles


Germany (4 World Cups) is just behind Brazil (5 World Cups) to equal them in number of World Cups wined, having just one title of difference. Brazil holds the titles for 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002, while Germany owns 1954, 1974, 1990 and 2014.

On the last World Cup, Germany removed his host from the competition, after achieving historical 7-1 match. This year, both of them could meet again in eighth finals if one classifies first and the other classifies second, keeping in mind that Brazil is head of series of Group E and Germany of Group F. If both teams pass firsts, they could only meet at the final match.


3. Müller for the record of his compatriot Klose


6 are the goals that keep Thomas Müller from overcoming Miroslav Klose and becoming the greatest goal scorer in the history of World Cups. Klose scored his 16 goals in 4 World Cups (2002, 2006, 2010 and 2014), while Bayern Munich’s forward made to 10 goals in 2 World Cups (2010 and 2014).

Regardless, Müller didn’t have such a great end-of-year due to some injuries, and should take advantage of these two remaining months to recover his goalscorer level and arrive with everything he’s got to Russia. Müller has only scored 4 goals with his club and 5 with his country’s selection.


4. 5 goals in 3 different World Cups


Thomas Müller could achieve to score 5 goals in 3 different World Cups if he manages to kick 5 goals in Russia 2018. Teofilo Cubillas (1970 and 1978) and Miroslav Klose (2002 and 2006) got it in 2 final phases.


5. FIFA World Cup’s oldest player


The Colombian player, Faryd Mondragon, was 43 years and 9 days old when he went out to play against Japan in Brazil 2014 and became the oldest player in the history of the FIFA World Cup, overcoming Roger Milla. Mondragon could be at risk of losing his record against Essam El Hadary, after El Hadary reconsidered his decision of retiring as international, and played 8 matches with Egypt in 2017. El Hadary will be 45 years and 5 months old when the Egyptians come out against Uruguay in their first World Cup since 1990.


6. Barça: scoring goals and breaking records


100 points in a season of the Spanish League is the record Real Madrid got in 2011/12, and that Barcelona also achieved on the following season. Messi, Suarez and company are on their way to break this record. Barcelona has an average of 2,67 points in 18 encounteers, and needs 2,55 in their remaining 22 matches to arrive to 101 points. Barça also keeps the record of the fewer goals received in a campaign of the League, that Madrid established on 1931/32 (15).


7. Cristiano as Europe’s top scorer?


Ferenc Puskàs has been Europe’s top goal scorer in the selections’ field for 64 years but, will he make it to 65? Cristiano Ronaldo, with 79 scores, only needs 6 more to beat the ‘Galloping Commander’ and be behind Ali Daei (109 goals). Ronaldo scored 13 goals in 13 matches with Portugal in 2016 and 11 more in 11 matches last year.


8. New foreign player with the most goals


Claudio Pizarro has the record abroad with the most scored goals in the history of the German Bundesliga with 191 goals; but with the last goal of the Polish Robert Lewandowski, he reached a strike of 166 goals and the 10th position of the top scorers in the history of the championship. The average of scores per match of Lewandowski (0,68) surpasses the average of everyone among the first 10, except Gerd Müller’s (0,85).


9. The Most Goals in Major League Soccer


Chris Wondolowski needs 12 more goals to break Landon Donovan’s 145 goals record in the Major League Soccer. San Jose Earthquakes’ forward scored 12 in 2016 and another 13 in 2017.


10. Most Goals per Match


3,01 goals per match are the record of the English league that holds Aston Villa since the season of 1930/31. Manchester City has an average of 2,91 per match and needs 51 more goals in their 16 remaining matches in order to break that 87-year-old record.