Here is the dream-team for the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 according to the Golden Goal App team. Check it out and tell us what you think!




Marc-André ter Stegen

Ter Stegen is currently playing for FC Barcelona, and will most likely help the team to become the winners of the Champions League. His greatest mentor has been Manuel Neuer, who alongside the Germany selection, was champion of the last FIFA World Cup.



(Left) – Marcelo

Marcelo Vieira is a great footballer who is currently playing al the left-defender for Real Madrid. He is the best of his type, and even though he only uses his left leg the most, he is an excellent player.

 (Left-Center) – Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos is the defender of Spain’s national team. He has a great ability to handle the ball with his legs and owns a technique that almost no one of his position has. His experience as defender for Real Madrid makes Ramos part of our dream-team for Russia.

(Right-Center) – Thiago Silva

Thiago Silva plays in the center for Brazil’s national team, in which he is team-captain. He is also team-captain of PSG. He has previous experience with World Cups, and is very focused and dedicated to his career in soccer, and has also never been involved in scandals.

(Right) – Kimmich

The German football player of 23 years old, Joshua Kimmich, has played in the Confederations Cup, the Champions League, and every tournament there is. Kimmich has the height enough to play in the sides or in the center, but as a defender, no one gets through him. Because of his young age, Kimmich is most likely to endure more than older players when his team moves along in the World Cup.



(Left) – Tony Kroos

Tony Kroos is an excellent player and is great passing the ball. He has a high effectiveness rate in his passes and he almost never misses. Kroos has played in 3 Champions League (1 for Bayern Münich and 2 for Real Madrid) and was champion in the last World Cup with Germany’s national team.

(Right) – Luka Modrić

Luka Modrić is the Croatian that controls the threads of Real Madrid. Ronaldo may be the star of the team, but Modrić is the one that distributes the ball on the field. He makes moves with more creativity than others and, being skinnier and smaller than Kroos, they could both provide a lot of strength in the middle of the field, where it’s needed.

(Center) – Coutinho

Philippe Coutinho was recently hired by FC Barcelona. The 25-year-old Brazilian is an excellent player with a lot of rhythm. Coutinho is great on the field, because of his speed and the type of game he brings in. He works with his team and kicks passes, which could give our three forwards sufficient space.



(Left) – Neymar

The Brazilian footballer is currently playing for the Paris Saint-Germain Football Club, although everything points to him exploding his full potential on the World Cup. If Neymar has an excellent performance and manages to lead the team to, at least, semi-finals, it’s very likely that Real Madrid will pay for a transference. Since it’s already well-known that Neymar would like to play for that team, and he’s not really comfortable and happy to play for PSG anymore.

(Right) – Lionel Messi

To not include our beloved Leo in this dream-team would be almost impossible, don’t you think? He’s the best soccer player Argentina’s ever seen (until now) and the biggest representative of Barcelona for many years now. Messi has broken a great number of records, has an excellent ability and a good game. At his 30’s, he has the experience to play in the World Cup and kick the winning goals even with his head, as he did in the final of the Champions League.

(Center) – Cristiano Ronaldo

Just like Messi, Ronaldo has set a lot of records.  He’s an excellent athlete, completely prepared and with the experience to give the best out of him in the World Cup. Ronaldo is great with his feet, as well as with his head, and has a lot of strength. Even with his age, he’s still the same, or so much faster than many other players in their 20’s.



Isco Alarcón (Spain)

Antoine Griezmann (France)

Kylian Mbappé (France)

Thomas Müller (Germany)



Joachim Löw

Löw is the current World Cup champion and, just last year, he led the second division of Germany to become the champions of the FIFA Confederations Cup. He’s the one with the longest experience leading a strong team like Germany’s national team and has the authority needed to control such a powerful team that is this dream-team we have.


What do YOU think? Did we miss anyone? Let us know what YOUR dream-team for Russia 2018 would be!